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Age of Kings: The Conquerors Clan Sites
Name: Albis Onis Lobias (The best of the best)
Tag: AoL
About Us: We are a family that began in AoM, and have members spread throughout AoT, AoC, LoL and Sc2. We play on all of the main game servers (ESO, Voobly, Gameranger, bnet etc). Many of us have known/played with each other for years, and we're always looking and willing to adopt new members.
Requirements: Forum activity, friendliness
AoM: 17+
AoT: 17+
Sc2: Platinum+
Site: http://aolclan.myfreeforum.org
Visits: 3,475

Name: Golems of inhumanity
Tag: G15
About Us: We are one of the oldest conquerors clan still alive.
Team tag runs by years we played. Recruiting is open again.
Requirements: 1) Keep it simple. 2) Keep it fair. 3) Keep it fun.
Site: http://golems.voobly.com/
Visits: 106

Name: L4sT
Tag: _L4sT_
About Us: Friendly AoE2 clan.
Requirements: None
Site: http://last-zone.voobly.com/
Visits: 103

user posted image

Name: One Of Them
Tag: OoT
About Us: Nice, active, pro/expert clan for AoE:O.<br />
Requirements: 1.Nice attitude<br />2.Pro/Expert(on AoE:O)<br />3.Active on forum&AoE:O
Site: http://www.ootclan.20x.com
Visits: 1,073

Name: Player Killers
Tag: [PK]
About Us: Social gaming clan with very active forums and AOT/AOE3 communities. Tournaments, weekly clan events/gatherings/pickup games/training. Ventrillo is used as the primary source of communication to make gaming more entertaining and social.Membership is not required for ventrillo access.
Requirements: Having a microphone is preferred.
Apply for a trial membership at our website.
Site: http://www.pkclan.net
Visits: 3,087

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Name: The Legion Clan
Tag: L_Clan_, [LClan], or LGN|
About Us: Legion clan has a lot of experienced players, and some of these players disputed very important tournaments such as WCG, ESWC, ECG etc. We try to maintain friendly relationships with all the clans and site around, or in other words, with the community overall.
Requirements: If you're interested in being a member, register yourself in our site using the L_Clan_ tag.
Site: http://www.thelegionclan.com
Visits: 1,728

Name: The One and Only
About Us: The One And Only Clan is a tight knit group of people who above all love AoC. We only accept mature and fun players.
We have been around for quite some time and most of our members have been playing together for years. TOAO is not just a clan, it is a family.
Requirements: Active, Nice, Fun Players
Site: http://toaoclan.net
Visits: 1,384

Name: Tsunami
Tag: TSM_
About Us: Mainly Brazilian clan but language foreigners are welcome
Requirements: To be known
Site: http://www.tsunamiclan.com
Visits: 889

Time is now: 28th September 2021 - 12:21 AM
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