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Top 1v1 AOT Ratings
1 Nullus 1977
2 [DoD]Skady__ 1961
3 IamMagic 1961
4 Gidaphertis 1937
5 __Kimo 1932
6 [UCA]matreiuss 1913
7 [F2_]F2_Squash 1911
8 [FE4R]biker_boy2 1890
9 [UCA]Shadowfaxx 1886
10 [_WKT_]___Odysseus 1878
11 Dobr 1871
12 acthegreat 1867
13 [A4G]TheMistaGr_ 1867
14 Mor_1GOLD 1865
16 [DoD]HellsRavage 1862
17 MuradTheFourth 1852
18 KillForYouu 1851
19 [DoD]IamJoe__ 1850
20 [DoD]Akatsuki_fr 1843
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Top TG AOT Ratings
1 [UCA]matreiuss 1861
2 [DoD]Fox__ 1831
3 [_WKT_]___Odysseus 1829
4 [UCA]NyanRacingCat 1816
5 [F2_]F2_Squash 1811
6 [_WKT_]Ayah_ 1806
7 [UCA]Ragnerox 1801
8 [F2_]IKARO__ 1800
9 Ness__ 1799
10 NmbR1Pap4sitO 1799
11 [FE4R]Leto_ 1799
12 Antigone 1799
13 m107 1799
14 Ayah__ 1799
15 [ONU]_MR_NICE 1799
16 Chap0__ 1799
17 [DoD]DraGoN_kr 1799
18 noobbasher123 1799
19 RaisingHorns 1799
20 OZONE__ 1799
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Top Replay Posters
1. ArmyCore 1239  
2. [DoD]SpOefT 1032  
3. [DoD]Hellsravage 1005  
4. TheMista 918  
5. DoD_Nakamura 918  

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Welcome to RTS-Sanctuary's The Titans Portal
RTS-Sanctuary is a community site open to everyone who enjoys playing Real-Time Strategy games including Ensemble Studios' "Age of" series, Relic's "Dawn of War" series and Blizzard's StarCraft series. The focus of this site is on providing an excellent collection of expert and general game replays as well as a friendly place to discuss game strategy. The main elements of the site can be viewed by everyone but you will need to register to be able to download replays or post. Registration is free so come in and join us today.

Posted by MasterOfFreedom - Oct 10 2021, 04:57 PM - 16 comments
Congratulations to SnL_NoMercy for being the latest to earn the tag of Expert! user posted image
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Posted by AoL_Destroyer - Aug 2 2021, 01:57 AM - 62 comments
Hello everyone and welcome to the AoM 1v1 Summer 2021 Tournament!

Tournament rules:
There will be one stage in the tournament – double elimination bracket.
All games will be on Vanilla Fan Patch 1 Blind Pick.
All games will be played on Voobly.
Game type will be Conquest.
First round will be Best of 3. Semifinals and the Grand Final will be Best of 7. All other rounds will be Best of 5.
There will be no god restrictions.
Each player will be able to veto once in a match (twice in the Semifinals...
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Posted by Black Adder - Jul 18 2021, 08:31 AM - 0 comments
user posted image

With Season 32 coming to its head this Sunday at 19:00 GMT with Finals between TheUnCrapAbles Lizowl and Deities of Death, let's set the tone with unfulfilled tasks from previous season - how did Deities of Death reach the Title of the best clan in the community in RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 31 they are defending now? How did TheUnCrapAbles fare? And who were the other successful clans?

Group Stage

Season 31 saw a healthy amount of clans and teams enter its...
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No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days

IamMagic vs TheMistaGr_
Poseidon vs Zeus on
IamMagic vs TheMistaGr_
Set vs Loki on
IamMagic vs TheMistaGr_
Isis vs Odin on
IamMagic vs TheMistaGr_ vs Standard
Isis vs Odin vs Fu Xi on

No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days


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