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StarCraft II Clan Sites
Name: A414A
Tag: A414A
About Us: There's nothing special about us. We spam the forums more than we play RTS.
Requirements: Don't be mean. Be active on forums.
Site: http://s15.zetaboards.com/A414A_clan/index/
Visits: 1,220

Name: Albis Onis Lobias (The best of the best)
Tag: AoL
About Us: We are a family that began in AoM, and have members spread throughout AoT, AoC, LoL and Sc2. We play on all of the main game servers (ESO, Voobly, Gameranger, bnet etc). Many of us have known/played with each other for years, and we're always looking and willing to adopt new members.
Requirements: Forum activity, friendliness
AoM: 17+
AoT: 17+
Sc2: Platinum+
Site: http://aolclan.myfreeforum.org
Visits: 3,320

Name: AUSi
Tag: Aus-ileague
About Us: AUSi is the host of the ileague.
We have a fairly active and mature community, and programs like elite team, weekly training, mentoring, and a internal tournament
Requirements: no requirements as such.However you must be active in eso and must participate in clan events
Site: http://www.aus-ileague.com
Visits: 704

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Name: BAPE and PiLLAGE
Tag: BAPE.
About Us: We are mostly diamond soloers that love to do custom solos/tournaments. We are also actively seeking clan wars. IF your clan would like to be destroyed by ours, feel free to stop by our site and issue a challenge ;)
Requirements: Platinum/Diamond league solo. Tryout required. File an application at our site.
Site: http://clanbape.com
Visits: 270

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Name: Deities Of Death
Tag: DoD_
About Us: We are a large group of people from all over the world and very active on AOT and Sc2. We prefer team games, but also have several top ranked experts representing us. DoD is an 8 time champion of clanwar tournaments like RTSL and 'Clanwars'.
Requirements: AOT: Minimum Rating: 1700; Forum Activity<br />Sc2: Gold League
Site: http://thedodclan.com
Visits: 1,823

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Name: One Of Them
Tag: OoT
About Us: Nice, active, pro/expert clan for AoE:O.<br />
Requirements: 1.Nice attitude<br />2.Pro/Expert(on AoE:O)<br />3.Active on forum&AoE:O
Site: http://www.ootclan.20x.com
Visits: 930

Name: Player Killers
Tag: [PK]
About Us: Social gaming clan with very active forums and AOT/AOE3 communities. Tournaments, weekly clan events/gatherings/pickup games/training. Ventrillo is used as the primary source of communication to make gaming more entertaining and social.Membership is not required for ventrillo access.
Requirements: Having a microphone is preferred.
Apply for a trial membership at our website.
Site: http://www.pkclan.net
Visits: 2,824

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Name: The Legion Clan
Tag: L_Clan_, [LClan], or LGN|
About Us: Legion clan has a lot of experienced players, and some of these players disputed very important tournaments such as WCG, ESWC, ECG etc. We try to maintain friendly relationships with all the clans and site around, or in other words, with the community overall.
Requirements: If you're interested in being a member, register yourself in our site using the L_Clan_ tag.
Site: http://www.thelegionclan.com
Visits: 1,615

Name: Tsunami
Tag: TSM_
About Us: Mainly Brazilian clan but language foreigners are welcome
Requirements: To be known
Site: http://www.tsunamiclan.com
Visits: 750


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