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RTS-Sanctuary has a built in game replay system for players to share their recorded games online with each other at ease. All of the necessary features for The Asian Dynasties have been included in this replay system including civilisations, maps, game versions, game types, and more!

Searching for your favorite The Asian Dynasties game replays has been made even easier! Simple use our integrated replay search feature below to find The Asian Dynasties replays from members, staff members, and The Asian Dynasties experts!

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0 Ratings

TAD Expert Replays
Posted by: sG EmIL
Provided by: sG EmIL
on 19 Jan 11
[Gee6]Challe vs [てこっつ]tombo_
Aztec vs German on Siberia

some aztec BO. Weird that my coyos didnt catch his uhlan early on at my fire pit;C o well.

not really action packed, but shows the strength of aztec late III I guess:)
TAD FP 1.2:


3 Ratings

TAD Expert Replays
Posted by: Xiphos
Provided by: Xiphos
on 18 Mar 10
[_V_V_]Zuta vs [hope]Xiphos
Ottoman vs Aztec on Sonora

This one was pretty cool, thought I was done for at the first fight since I played it stupid and lost some vills carelessly.. yet I still hang in there.

TAD FP 1.2:


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