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Age of Mythology: The Titans Guides
There are a wide range of articles around the various Age of Mythology: The Titans fan sites and forums which give some solid guidance for strategies with the different Age of Mythology: The Titans civilizations and other aspects of playing the game. This section is an attempt to pull together links to these guides in one convenient location. If you have a link you think should be added to this page please send the details by Personal Message to an Administrator or Staff Member.

General Guides
Title Author Written Visits
How to Improve FireFox May 2013 721
Pharaohs For Dummies Mowie666 May 2013 448

Greek Guides
Title Author Written Visits
A Guide to Zeus Hope May 2013 5,415
The Centaur Strangle KS_Josey_Wales Feb 2013 2,471
UKAK Sando's Guide to Zeus UKAK Sando Feb 2003 2,130

Egyptian Guides
Title Author Written Visits
Ultimate Isis Guide Action May 2013 1,900
1700+ Isis Guide Dexter Dec 2006 643
Ra Guide Bish Sep 2005 641
The Definitive Egyptian TheGoldenArm Sep 2003 2,365
A Guide to Isis Zhaz Jan 2003 2,935

Norse Guides
Title Author Written Visits
Hell's Thor Guide HellsRavange May 2013 521
Loki Guide Salient May 2013 587
Dex's Odin Guide Dexter Dec 2007 418
A Guide to Thor hope_is_gloppy Aug 2003 3,504
Defeating Greece with Norse Zhaz Mar 2003 2,103
Guide to Odin TheShadowDawn Jan 2003 2,967
Thor Dwarf Build TheShadowDawn Nov 2002 1,782

Atlantean Guides
Title Author Written Visits
Gaia Guide Zoekt May 2013 787
Oranos Guide WNxMythos May 2013 555
Kronos Guide Action May 2013 416
Atlantean Unit Table AoMH Sep 2003 969
Atlantean Building Table AoMH Sep 2003 575
Atlantean Technology Table AoMH Sep 2003 711
Atlantean Unit Guide AoMH Sep 2003 1,948
Atlantean Buildings Guide AoMH Sep 2003 1,171

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