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Posted by [DoD]Hellsravage - Oct 2 2019, 12:35 AM - 15 comments
I’d like to host (and stream) a 8 player mini tournament this Saturday from 15 - 20 GMT. I think this will be a good way to get some activity going as the fall and winter months approach. I may also be able to give a sneak peak into some of the balance discussions we’ve had the for upcoming patch. So I hope everyone will join.


8 player, single elimination bracket (may be stretched to 12 if there’s enough interest)
Best of 3 matches


Random map
You can’t play the same...
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Read 781 times - last comment by DoD_Odin_ulf_

Posted by Strahssis - Sep 12 2019, 11:05 PM - 10 comments
user posted image

One day a few villagers woke up from their sleep.
They have never seen each other, nor do they know where
they are. Wondering where they are, they felt quite scared,
as they were surrounded by many lost souls and serpents.
Also the environment felt quite lifeless and muggy to them.
Gaia's Wonder was the only place that felt safe to them,
so they made sure they stayed close. Being too frightened to
explore the area, they started rebuilding their civilizations.
Not long after, different groups were...

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Read 1,195 times - last comment by Strahssis

Posted by Razor911 - Sep 10 2019, 06:28 AM - 10 comments
If you insist on using Windows Defender or other antivirus "real-time" functions then it's going to be aggressively scanning your files pretty much all the time and even on modern hardware this can slow things down considerably.

In this video below, BlackAdder discovers that he might actually be able to survive the community games casts without a restart going into the 3rd or 4th hour. Maybe it can help you manage to play as well. For streamers, consider adding the OBS/Streamlabs folder and...
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Read 299 times - last comment by Black Adder

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