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Dawn of War Clan Sites
Name: ansuR
Tag: clan ***ansuR***
About Us: Go site
Requirements: All normal Russian gamers are accept
Site: http://clan-ansur.narod.ru
Visits: 230

user posted image

Name: ansuR
Tag: ansuR|
About Us: All normal Russian gamer
Requirements: 1200 reiting is minimal
Site: http://clan-ansur.jino-net.ru
Visits: 376

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Name: Army Of Horus
Tag: {AoH}
About Us: Becuase we are the furtrure of dow dc
Requirements: good gamng skills any age between 10 and over.And good stats or over 1100 auto score for any
Site: http://
Visits: 1,702

user posted image

Name: Baptized By Fire
Tag: [BBF]
About Us: BBF is still currently looking to fill up its ranks. Already set with a core of 13 members, we wish to fill in our gaps within our Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War division. Having said that, we are looking for dedicated orc and chaos players; 2 areas where we have few players.
Requirements: We look for maturity, dedication and activity within our players, yet above all we want players w...
Site: http://www.clanbbf.com
Visits: 934

user posted image

Name: Beer Monkies
Tag: [BEER]
About Us: Cause we're easy going :)
Requirements: Someone from the clan needs to know you and like you :)
Site: http://beermonkies.tripod.com/
Visits: 238

Name: Clan Born 2 Kill
Tag: [CB2K]
About Us: Why join us? well you should join us to be part of a greater community..the clan community so you cna game in an enviroment where you are confident that you will recieve a good game free of people who drop and people who cheat but also you will play with new people maybe even make new friends.
Requirements: There are no joining reqirurments except you must have a 1 star lobby rating and atleast a 55% wi...
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/dowclanborn2kill
Visits: 187

user posted image

Name: Come get Some
Tag: CgS|member
About Us: We are a competitive clan, mainly 1v1- so if you are an aspiring player with potential, you can learn a lot and even teach some new tricks with fellow CgS members. We are friendly, and like helping each other out with our strategy tips.
Requirements: We ask for a minimum automatch score of 1300 in 1v1. You must also be active on the CgS forum (li...
Site: http://s15.invisionfree.com/CgS/index.php?
Visits: 323

user posted image

Name: Dark Angels
Tag: |DA-Carbine|
About Us: brand new clan Great web site will have Clan tournaments, theres also a ranking system with a twist which i hope it makes it more fun senior members also get a say on recruiting, and i hope you find it a fun clan to be in
Requirements: Any player can apply but players that have good team play and can play all DC races is a requirem...
Site: http://members.aol.com/carbineda
Visits: 193

Tag: [DRK_RVN]
About Us: It is a new clan that needs members as soon as possible. WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL?
Requirements: All welcome, no skill required :D
Site: www.drkrvn.12.freebb.com
Visits: 295

user posted image

Name: Dark Resistance
Tag: (-DR-)
About Us: Ummm.... World Domination? Joking. We play for fun and to better our skill at the game and to help get our clan name out there. Most of us started out as newbs and some of us still are but our experianced players love teaching us how to play... (love beating the living daylights out of us too :D)
Requirements: Maturity and, if your under the age of 13, permission from your legal parent/guardian.
Site: http://www.darkresistance.net
Visits: 527

user posted image

Name: Deathwatch
Tag: none
About Us: The Deathwatch are a unique and specially trained Space Marine Chapter that dedicates its every hour to hunting xenos.

They are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, charged with protecting it in its search of information, containment, and ultimate destruction of all xeno species.Full Text
Requirements: Players in the Deathwatch are all using Space Marines with the same army painter scheme and the D...
Site: http://www.gamereplays.org/community/Deathwatch-cn974.html
Visits: 343

Name: Destiny Dealers
Tag: DD
About Us: We were founded in 2005. So you see this clan is here to stay. We offer a friendly enviroment, Homepage, Forums and Ventrilo.

We play C&C, UT, GW, TMNF and last but not least DoW 2.
Requirements: You should be 16+.

Having a Headset and/or Messengers is a plus, but not mandatory.
Site: http://www.destinydealers.de/
Visits: 323

Tag: |EA|
About Us: Because we are a group of people with a good attitude, who are respectful and have good sportmanship. We play together to have fun.
Requirements: -A tryout will be obligatory
-A minimum age of 16 years old
Site: http://www.goeagle.us
Visits: 370

user posted image

Name: eXtremE Not Ordinary
About Us: -
Requirements: -
Site: http://xeno.fulcrum4.com/
Visits: 599

user posted image

Name: Extreme Quality
Tag: xQ|
About Us: to learn... learn... learn
visit our community
Requirements: -we need players that want play play and play costantly!
Site: http://gatto11.altervista.org/index.php
Visits: 338

Name: Fallen Soldiers
Tag: [FS]
About Us: we are a new clan, started on July 16, 2006.
we need members, desperate. we support any race of people, the clan location is in eastern time zone.
Requirements: have to have at least 1 star in DoW. Have to have DoW or expansion. must have good sportsmanship...
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/death-marine/
Visits: 155

Name: Golden Warriors
Tag: [109th]
About Us: Good question. Join as and you would be entering a long standing clan with an excellent history and a friendly member base
Requirements: Good knowledge of all races, Solid teamplay, ability to adapt. Must also have commitment and spea...
Site: http://www.109thgw.co.uk
Visits: 350

user posted image

Name: Imperials clan
Tag: [IMP]
About Us: join us because we are easy going and love the game a nice simple clan :D
Requirements: there are no requirements you don't even have to play as an imperial race as long as you have fun
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/impclan/
Visits: 212

user posted image

Name: KCB Clan
Tag: KCB_Termin8rX
About Us: We Are A Good Team Playing Clan in Dawn Of War And Winter Assault We Play For Fun Only So We Don't Care If We Win Or Lose Just As Long As We Played Well And It Was A Good Game
Requirements: Build up A Good Friendship With Other Clan Members We Don't Recruit On Skill Alone Also You Need ...
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/termin8rx/
Visits: 153

Name: Legions Of Chaos
Tag: {LoC}
About Us: -
Requirements: -
Site: http://s7.invisionfree.com/LoC_Clan/index.php?act=idx
Visits: 221

Name: Masters of the Universe {MoU}
Tag: {MoU}
About Us: We are just for fun, have a good record and ..... stuff ...... eh
Requirements: You have to choose a character from the Masters of the Universe, be willing to make banners etc.
Site: http://mastersoftheuniverse.bravehost.com/
Visits: 193

Name: Natural Born Killers
Tag: .nbk.
About Us: We are in twl for ut2k4(ranked 3rd)
Css and Dod source

I decided to create and RTS division that plays dow, wa, ect. We are all extremely dedicated and proffesional when it comes to gaming. We hold regular practices for the other games. All of our members are really cool and down ...
Requirements: No Requirment, must be over 13, and mature.
You must be able to use both ts and vent, dl the...
Site: http://clannbk.net
Visits: 323

Name: New Model Army
Tag: [NMA]
About Us: We are a nice group of people who wanna have fun with playing DoW. We aren't the best clan, but we want to learn more and more! "gl & hf & gg"
Requirements: -middle skilled
Site: http://www.nma-clan.de
Visits: 399

user posted image

Name: Noobs Intervention Army
Tag: NiA^
About Us: [email protected]
[email protected]
Requirements: The Most important thing is to be nice with everyone and Enjoy the game .

There's no r...
Site: http://teamnia.roxorgamers.com/
Visits: 169

Name: Obsidian Dragon
Tag: OD-
About Us: Nice players, Fun games, Willing to teach people to get better.....
Requirements: Non Competitive: Play with us let us get to know you
Competitive: Beat 2 out of the 4 top co...
Site: http://WWW.ObsidianDragon.net
Visits: 1,349

user posted image

Name: Occupying Force
Tag: [OF]
About Us: Occupying Force is a clan of mature, veteran gamers that was formed in November of 2003. Many of the Occupying Force clan members have been playing games together for more than a decade. [*OF*] is focused on having a good time while gaming with friends and family.
Requirements: We will invite cool, friendly players to join us regardless of skill or rating. Talk to us in th...
Site: http://www.occupyingforce.com
Visits: 703

user posted image

Name: One Of Them
Tag: OoT
About Us: Nice, active, pro/expert clan for AoE:O.<br />
Requirements: 1.Nice attitude<br />2.Pro/Expert(on AoE:O)<br />3.Active on forum&AoE:O
Site: http://www.ootclan.20x.com
Visits: 1,105

Name: Ordo Netharius
Tag: [O|N]
About Us: Join us if you constantly seek to improve and remain self critical as much as possible for 1v1's and are open to comments of our mates for advice when needed, play team games as well and look for clan wars.

Want team mates at any time? We're all over the globe.

English high...
Requirements: Medium skilled players up to mid-high.
Site: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Ordo_Netharius/
Visits: 375

user posted image

Name: Oscar
Tag: hhhmmm
About Us: You should join us because were cool :D
Were not a big clan, so our members are focused on more, oppurtunities will arise because we are a clan which has just set of and want to enter tournaments etc. The atmosphere amung our numbered members is friendly and welcoming so come out ang give us...
Requirements: We would like our members to be atleast able to play at mid level, as you will be trained anyway....
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/oscarr/index.htm
Visits: 135

Name: Pocktio
Tag: {13th}
About Us: We are one of the oldest DoW clans out there! We opened up start of the original's release! We play for fun and competively, so if you just want fun you don't have to worry about playing matches! everything is paced! if you don't wanna play for a bit, fine! As long as you have the tags and stay l...
Requirements: Above 100 games, with at leadt 60%, but it's variable!
You need xfire!
You need to play...
Site: http://z14.invisionfree.com/The_Black_Crusade
Visits: 207

Name: Rebel Legion
Tag: [RL]
About Us: We are a friendly and very active clan with an overall good performance

Please post on the site if you are interested in joining.
Requirements: We have a Standard regiment and a QS regiment. A good overall skill in either must be shown in 3 ...
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/rlforever
Visits: 206

Name: Riders of Apocalypse
Tag: |RoA|
About Us: The best Polish players! We are RIDERS OF APOCALYPSE!
Requirements: You're invited by one of the members and u must have enught experience and knowledge. Only for g...
Site: http://www.roa.rox.pl
Visits: 216

user posted image

Name: Rise Of The Rallen
Tag: RoTF|
About Us: Rise of the Fallen (RoTF|) clan is a competitive clan for the Dawn of War Dark Crusade. We seek to improve our tactics & strategy, improve micro/macro skills, and make a pro squad for highly competitive tournaments such as ESL (Electronic Sports League).
Requirements: Here are the following criteria if you are interested in joining us and want to find out more.Full Text
Site: http://z6.invisionfree.com/ogs/index.php?act=idx
Visits: 206

Name: Space Marine Council
Tag: SMC^
About Us: Where else can you find a purely Space Marine clan true and honorable to the Faith of the Emporer.
Requirements: inventational, and mass majority votes from the brother hood... MUST BE SPACE MARINE USER! other ...
Site: http://smcgathering.wetpaint.com/
Visits: 141

Name: Strongest Warhammer Strategics
Tag: [SWS]
About Us: We clan, clan is strong!
Go to SWS otherwise i kill you!
If you noob, we learn you!
Requirements: All Russian!!!
Site: http://swsteam.forum24.ru/
Visits: 182

Name: Tactical Strike Corps
Tag: [TSC]
About Us: We are a multi-gaming clan with a great online community.
Requirements: Recruits must e-mail [email protected] with the answers to the following.

Age?Full Text
Site: http://www.tscorps.com
Visits: 249

Name: team of Very Impressive Performance
Tag: ViP
About Us: Our clan was created in 20.07.2007.
We are playing in clan war league in ESL, and participate in all russian cups.
If you are need a support in game or wanna to ve a new friends, u can enter in our clan.
See you later.
Requirements: 1350+ autoscores.
Ypu should be russian and over 14 years old.
Site: http://dowclan-vip.ucoz.ru
Visits: 610

user posted image

Name: The Black Gryphon's
Tag: [TBG]
About Us: We could go through all these big reasons to join our clan but what would that achieve in the end? We hope that people who join us are looking for a very friendly group and don’t really care if they win or lose. It's only a Game after all, right?
Requirements: There's no real limit on experience required, all you basically have to be is willing to play and...
Site: http://tbgforums.5.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx
Visits: 211

user posted image

Name: The Cursed
Tag: [TC]
About Us: To ahve a reliable partner for team games and to share strats and tips and get more games, clan wars, training etc...
Requirements: Consider all players but more than 1200 1v1 score is advised.
Site: http://s14.invisionfree.com/The_Cursed/index.php?
Visits: 225

Name: USSR DoW Team
Tag: USSRx
About Us: professional team a part of good multigaming clan with great experience
Requirements: 15++ points in automatch
not only russians
Site: http://www.ussr-team.com
Visits: 266

user posted image

Name: Warrior Nation
Tag: WNx
About Us: With 1100+ members, Warrior Nation is among the largest gaming clans in existence. We recruit based on attitude, not skill. Drop on by out site, post in the Neutral Grounds, and find a member to vouch for you. You'll be glad you did.
Requirements: The only requirement is a respectful attitude and a love of games. You also must be active on ou...
Site: http://www.warriornation.net
Visits: 351

user posted image

Name: Wing Apocalypse
Tag: [WA]
About Us: We are avid gamers, specializing in the Dawn of War. With a large focus of team play, the mainstay of our battle experience lies in 3v3 and 4v4 conflicts, using elite battle tactics and strategy to outthink and outmaneuver the enemy. We do not favour quick, fast attack battles and would much rath...
Requirements: We are looking for mature, competent players with a good sense of teamwork and an interest in the...
Site: http://www.waclan.co.uk
Visits: 257

user posted image

Name: Wolf Clan
Tag: [WC]
About Us: To create more pleasant gaming environments in all gaming communities by promoting kindness and respect to all gamers. We hope to become the most respected of all the clans and/or guilds, by proving our good sportsmanship and our strength as players.
Requirements: Membership in the Wolfclan is by invitation only. This means we do not actively recruit members i...
Site: http://www.thewolfclan.net/
Visits: 510

user posted image

Name: Xen of Onslaught
Tag: {x}
About Us: Xen of Onslaught is an adult multi-gaming guild with over a thousand members. Other than Dawn of War/Winter Assault, we play World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Planetside, Battlefield 2, and Rising Force Online, and we are anticipating the release of Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Hu...
Requirements: 17+
Use TeamSpeak
Site: http://xoohq.com
Visits: 884

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