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Name: Albis Onis Lobias (The best of the best)
Tag: AoL
About Us: We are a family that began in AoM, and have members spread throughout AoT, AoC, LoL and Sc2. We play on all of the main game servers (ESO, Voobly, Gameranger, bnet etc). Many of us have known/played with each other for years, and we're always looking and willing to adopt new members.
Requirements: Forum activity, friendliness
AoM: 17+
AoT: 17+
Sc2: Platinum+
Site: http://aolclan.myfreeforum.org
Visits: 3,371

Name: Angels of Death
Tag: AoD
About Us: Clan created on 2010-2011 most of us are from southamerica and mexico, but we are open to anyone who wants to help us we are actually playing RTSL so what are u waiting for to join us ;)
Requirements: 165+ 17+
be active no smurfing or multiclaning
Site: http://angelsofdeath.voobly.com
Visits: 257

Name: Bo0T clan
Tag: Bo0T
About Us: Bo0T was a clan created in 2010, with a main focus on being a solid DeathMatch clan. Now however we are spreading across multiple game types, and would like to eventually participate in major tourneys, such as RTSL. If you would like to join, post an application on our forum.
Requirements: Willingness to improve<br />No smurfs<br />Willingness to contribute
Site: http://bo0t.forumotion.info/
Visits: 179

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Name: Deities Of Death
Tag: DoD_
About Us: We are a large group of people from all over the world and very active on AOT and Sc2. We prefer team games, but also have several top ranked experts representing us. DoD is an 8 time champion of clanwar tournaments like RTSL and 'Clanwars'.
Requirements: AOT: Minimum Rating: 1700; Forum Activity<br />Sc2: Gold League
Site: http://thedodclan.com
Visits: 1,862

Name: Guardioes vs Titans
Tag: GVT
About Us: we are a clan united,a family in the vast majority of Brazilians , with main objective of just have fun ,
We grow very fast and will be even greater ..
Requirements: 165+ be friends and approved
Site: http://dek.clan.su
Visits: 108

Name: Jolly Ranchers United
About Us: Reddit group built for Redditors. All you need is to have a reddit account and have visited /r/ageofmythology at least once.

Requirements: Has a Reddit account. Nothing else required.

Voobly @ http://jolly.voobly.com/
Site: http://reddit.com/r/ageofmythology
Visits: 893

Name: Late Night Club
Tag: LNC
About Us: LNC Leaves No One Behind!

4v4, RLM, Have Fun!
Requirements: Interested in joining LNC? Trial is 5 years.
Site: http://latenightclube.voobly.com/
Visits: 224

Name: Player Killers
Tag: [PK]
About Us: Social gaming clan with very active forums and AOT/AOE3 communities. Tournaments, weekly clan events/gatherings/pickup games/training. Ventrillo is used as the primary source of communication to make gaming more entertaining and social.Membership is not required for ventrillo access.
Requirements: Having a microphone is preferred.
Apply for a trial membership at our website.
Site: http://www.pkclan.net
Visits: 2,961

Name: Pure Deathmatch
Tag: PureDM
About Us: A reformed DM clan from ESO, trying to unite and improve the DM community.
Requirements: DM players
Active player
A willingness to improve
Site: http://puredm.voobly.com/
Visits: 196

Name: Sky_
Tag: Sky_
About Us: We are a clan of 17+ players
We were D4FT clan but we changed the tag in summer 2012
Clan has been created the 27July 2011
we compete in Rst-League with 2 team
the first one Sky_ with our best players
the 2nd one is the alliance of Sky clan and Mysteria clan
Requirements: Player needs to be 17+ Level and nice ;)
An activity on our forum can be good too

Site: http://skyclan.forumzen.com/
Visits: 669

Name: Souls of War
Tag: Soul_
About Us: No debe de hacer trampas ya sea en la ESO, voobly, gr o hamachi (si es que alguien aun lo usa), ya que, de ser así… darías fama al clan de tramposos. Si eres nob, medio, pro o experto, todos son bienvenidos siempre y cuando se acaten a las reglas y eviten así problemas internos o externos.
Requirements: 1601+
Site: http://clansoul.foroactivo.mx/
Visits: 154

Name: The Alliance Ghost
Tag: [TAG_]
About Us: We are a Brazilian clan newly created,with the objective to improve e have fun.
Requirements: Be active
desire to improve
Site: http://theallianceghost.voobly.com/
Visits: 117

Name: The One and Only
About Us: The One And Only Clan is a tight knit group of people who above all love AoC. We only accept mature and fun players.
We have been around for quite some time and most of our members have been playing together for years. TOAO is not just a clan, it is a family.
Requirements: Active, Nice, Fun Players
Site: http://toaoclan.net
Visits: 1,320

Name: The Worst of Killers
Tag: [TwK]
About Us: Clan [TWK] was done by AoT & AoM players. We are a team together and collaborate for the the development of the clan and members.

Register on the site!
Requirements: Active forum, partnership and friendship with the members.
Site: http://clantwk.umforum.net/
Visits: 851

Name: Tsunami
Tag: TSM_
About Us: Mainly Brazilian clan but language foreigners are welcome
Requirements: To be known
Site: http://www.tsunamiclan.com
Visits: 790

Name: TwIsTeD Clan
Tag: TwIsTeD
About Us: Long standing Riv Civ, but also Deathmatch and Supremacy clan
Requirements: Beat an officer in a best out of three
Site: http://twisted-clan.com
Visits: 284

Name: Virtual Killers
Tag: vK
About Us: Clan mostly of Hispanics people but open to anyone. We believe fair play is necessary to enjoy this and we hate cheaters. We play AoM but maybe in the future we can try some others RTS Games.
Requirements: Fill Aplication in forum website, play fair and be respectful to clan-mates
Site: http://virtualkillers.forumclan.com/
Visits: 323


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