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2 [Fr']SunTzu_2a 1889
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5 [DoD]Brickhead_ 1857
6 ['N1]Mor_Sama 1851
7 [DoD]IamJoe__ 1826
8 Bubez 1823
9 Tadao 1823
10 [GCs]Mage_ 1819
11 [''TM'']Yoshii 1818
12 [_WKT_]TkTakaishi 1815
13 [DoD]Skady__ 1814
14 [ONU]NINH0_ 1810
15 ebb 1808
16 boom_sigma 1802
17 micke_hej 1802
18 ThorsHorsehead 1801
19 OGNENNYJ 1800
20 [_ATB]edsheeranfan 1800
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1 [UCA]Domantas 1846
2 [F2_]F2_Squash 1836
3 glycine 1825
4 Bereitschaft 1819
5 [_WKT_]SkyF1re 1803
6 [PXx]_Gaboo21 1802
7 Ayce__ 1799
8 [ONU]_MR_NICE 1799
9 [KeeN]Patroclus_ 1799
10 Karnage__ 1799
11 Kvoth 1799
12 Haliax_ 1799
13 [F2_]F2_Player 1798
14 [UCA]Ragnerox 1795
15 Bubez 1795
16 [UCA]Swissboy 1790
17 Horror__ 1785
18 OGNENNYJ 1784
19 __Ayah 1783
20 [F2_]F2__g0ldlion 1781
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Welcome to RTS-Sanctuary's The Titans Portal
RTS-Sanctuary is a community site open to everyone who enjoys playing Real-Time Strategy games including Ensemble Studios' "Age of" series, Relic's "Dawn of War" series and Blizzard's StarCraft series. The focus of this site is on providing an excellent collection of expert and general game replays as well as a friendly place to discuss game strategy. The main elements of the site can be viewed by everyone but you will need to register to be able to download replays or post. Registration is free so come in and join us today.

Posted by TOAO_ChronoJJ - Jul 1 2020, 10:57 AM - 6 comments
The map rotation has returned, with Highland out and Borderlands in.

Borderlands is a snow-based map, with moderate hunt. In 1x1, players spawn close to each other but are separated by a treeline with two openings towards the edge of the map. In team games, each player is separated from other by a tree line, with one opening near the edge, and the other near the middle. The middle in team games provides access to each player. Players also spawn close to each other in team games, with most of...
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Posted by MasterOfFreedom - Jun 29 2020, 12:26 PM - 15 comments

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Posted by DoD_IamShelty - Jun 22 2020, 03:04 PM - 5 comments
Sunday 28th Ill be hosting a 1v1 tournament.


Normal voobly accounts:
Random seeds
32 players sign up, bo's will be decided on the day
1 Veto per round
Any God allowed so blind pick to be used
40 Euro prize winner takes all
Starts at 12 GMT
1 Min for veto

Message me to sign up.

Let me know if I missed any info and I will add it in


Edit: Turns out I'll have to cancel this tournament, apologies
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No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days

Bogsveigir-MythOfAgeology vs Carrymeplzz-speedymike167
Thor-Oranos vs Hades-Isis on Oasis
SonOfAyahxRaven-_Fargo__ vs FatalRaids-IAmNoob123
Odin-Thor vs Hades-Odin on Anatolia
FatalRaids-IAmNoob123 vs _Fargo__-SonOfAyahxRaven
Ra-Oranos vs Ra-Loki on Frozen Wastes20b

Hades vs Set on Mediterranean

No replays posted in last 14 days


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