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Slenderblood's MICHI guide!
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post May 12 2013, 03:11 PM
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This guide will address how to properly play each civ in Michi and what to do! There are many different ways to play Michi and these are some of the ways I recommend.

Warning this will be a long post so feel free to skip to the parts in which you have not learned yet.

Let's begin

In the map Michi there are 3 different types of roles that are played

I am going to assume this game is 3v3
    The cutter/mass onager + small amount of support units
    The person who masses non-siege units and possibly some siege units
    The secondary person who masses units but also provides team with extra resources by making slightly extra villagers


The two different types of gameplay in michi is freecut and 20 min cut, it is best to check with the host and other players to see which is the case for this match. I will describe how to do both with each different role.

The Cutter

Freecut/rushing style
For those who don't know what a normal Michi map looks like here is an example I will use this photo for demonstration throughout the guide.


--Now since your job is the cutter the first thing you want to do is use 8 of your 10 villagers and make 8 siege workshops right off near the woods that are separating you from the enemy team (I marked the spots with red xs on the photo). Use the other 2 villagers to create your 200 population at the top of the map and away from the action. After many houses are completed take one of the two villagers and create 3 or 4 markets and begin creating trade carts. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BEEN CREATING VILLAGERS WITH YOUR GIVEN TOWN CENTER. Use those villagers to create 4 town centers around the gold. Use some of the villagers to create two town centers next to any large wooded area.
--If you are Saracens, Teutons, Celts, or Aztecs you are going to need food. Simply put a town center and mill up and away from the largely wooded area and away from the action. Put a town center down and put the farms around it BEFORE your villagers create the town center this way it is easy to get as many farms as close as possible to the town center. Here is an example


--As soon as the siege the workshops are created, begin creating onagers. Fill up every building queue with the maximum 15 units and set them to spawn near the woods. As soon as you receive an onager, click on it and then right click on the trees and begin cutting a path to the enemy side.
--Your teammates should have been creating their units already and you should have an army by now behind your onagers. Cut down the trees as fast as possible and allow your teammates to surge in by quickly moving your onagers to the side or moving them into the enemy land.
--NOW If you are Koreans or Teutons send 5 villagers to create MANY bombard towers where you first initially cut. Then build more on the path to the enemy side and eventually build into the enemy territory. Make sure you are still creating onagers to kill your enemy.
--With defenses set up make sure you now put outposts all along the woods so you can see if your opponent begins to cut down trees with his onagers. This way you have a warning if they begin to cut in another area of the map

This is a very hard area since it varies per game but I will try to lay out the different options. If you have questions about this please post so below and I would be happy to answer them.
Koreans - Mainly War wagons build 6 castles to support the production.
Teutons - Mainly Palidins build 10 or more stables to support production. (create champions as well if the enemy begins creating halberds)
Celts - Mainly Palidins but it is also a good idea to add some Woad Raiders into the mix
Aztec - Jaguar warriors and Elite eagle warriors. The infantry bonus attack will certainly aid you here.
Mongols - Create lots of Mungudai, and if enemy is creating Palidins camels aswell.
Saracens - Create nothing but mamelukes, careful thoough make sure you can support how much gold they cost (85 gold)

Ok now that you have your onagers, supporting units, and in some cases bombard towers all set. Now you just have to keep pushing the units through the opening. IF THE ENEMY WALLS THE OPENING SIMPLY CUT A SECONDARY ROUTE WITHIN YOUR ALREADY CREATED PATH SO.

If your path is like this I
Simply branch off just like a y Y


In doing this you confuse the direction of attacking and mess up the enemy defenses.
Once inside the enemy base you want to push towards the closest market area. Usually the two farthest points on the map. If you are Koreans or Teutons then you should create bombard towers in the trade route path to kill the trade carts. With their gold revenue gone it is going to be much easier to kill your opponents. Make sure you are always creating units throughout the entire game. No units = no win.

Small trick
If you are able to push to the enemy side, and you have archers that are ready, put them on stand ground and put the archers where the enemy's trade carts are passing by. This way you destroy their gold revenue and their carts. They will have to use more resources to make new carts and no gold is being made in the process.

If you are not making any progress into the enemy territory set up 6 to 8 siege workshops on the other side of the map and let your teammates know that a secondary cut needs to happen to win. They will most likely create new barracks, stables, castles or whatever building they are using to mass units where you are about to cut. Do exactly as you had done in the beginning of the game and cut down the trees with your onagers to the other side. Quickly move your onagers out of the way so your teammates can rush their units in.

Once you are into the enemy territory
I suggest making buildings such as your siege workshops for your onagers and castles to help kill units faster. This way it is even harder for the enemy to push back and make a comeback.

If you notice that your opponent is cutting on a different section on the map, don't panic. Simply send some villagers over to make 6 or 8 Siege Workshops to help kill the attacking army and maybe a couple of castle for archer fire support. REMEMBER TO KEEP MAKING UNITS FOR BOTH OPENINGS. Just keep pushing and pushing, and killing and killing, and you will win.
If you run out of resources simply ask your teammates to send you a small amount. Once they do, fix the problem. If you ran out of wood. Put more villagers on wood. (You should have 70-100 villagers while fighting to bring in resources) If you run out of food, make some more farms. If you run out of gold, make more trade carts. All resource problems can be solved easily except for stone. Try to save that.

When the game starts click on either the trumpet or the olive branch/leaf. This will show all players and their civs if no one on your team has siege onagers Aztec, Celts, Koreans, Mongols, Saracens, Teutons. If none of you are those civs immediately send 1 or 2 villagers to create outposts as close as possible to the long strip of woods. You want to almost be able to see the enemy side. Quickly make your mass unit output (let's say stables). Make many stables with all but 2 of your villagers (use to create town centers and houses) and immediately begin creating as many units as possible. If you notice trees being cut down from your view you set up from the outposts send all units to where the enemy is cutting to and wait for him to fully cut. From then on it is an all out war. The main reason why people lose from rushes is they just simply didn't make enough units. SO, ALWAYS MAKE LOTS OF UNITS THIS COULD DETERMINE IF YOU WIN OR LOSE A RUSH GAME.

Extra things you could do but don't necessarily have to (strongly suggested to help you team)
At the entrance where you cut place a wall with a gate so that the enemy can't just rush into your base easily.
Create 3 to 4 castles near the entrance where you cut to provide arrow support.

Being good at Michi really just comes down to knowing your civs and knowing you units.


Thanks to Slenderblood for the guide..

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post May 12 2013, 03:16 PM
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Great one thanks for sharing! ;)

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