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Posted by DoD_IamShelty - Jun 13 2018, 09:20 AM - 29 comments
I won't lie to you guy's, I haven't given out the list of last tournament because I lost it user posted image, also I havnt paid people yet because no one has messaged me about the money, I will ask mat and hagrit today if they would still like it though.

Rules are as follows:

Sunday the 17th of June!
I assume there's a random DM map set?
Bo1, bo3, bo5 depending on how many players we have.
I will be seeding the top 4 DM'ers at this point, since we...
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Read 815 times - last comment by IamMagic

Posted by DoD_IamShelty - May 31 2018, 01:28 PM - 34 comments
So I'm gonna try and boost a little activity by hosting a random god, random seed smurf war tournament this Sunday coming, the 3rd of June.

It will begin at 14 GMT and may go on throughout the day, no clue when it will end.

As many people can sign up as can be, hopefully aiming for 16 or more, so spread the word!

All the rules are pretty simple, dependent on how many sign ups Ill announce the amount what best of series each round will be, but be sure semi finals is a bo3, and finals is a bo5.

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Read 1,935 times - last comment by DoD_Chaos

Posted by LNC_GoldenAxe - May 4 2018, 11:12 PM - 20 comments
- Tournament Bracket: https://challonge.com/r4kpv798

- Schedule matches here: (Deadline for Round 1 is May 20, 2018)

- You'll need to subscribe to this mod:

***All games must be played on maps from the AoM:EE Classic League mod.***

- The winner of each round has to post all the games at RTS-Sanctuary ( http://www.rts-sanctuary.com/index.php?por...T&showforum=493 )

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No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days


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