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> sixthdoctor vs MasterzinhoO- 1v1
post Mon, Mar 25 2013 7:57 pm

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Name: sixthdoctor vs MasterzinhoO- 1v1
Author: slytherindoctor
Submitted: Mon, Mar 25 2013 7:57 pm
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2013 8:03 pm
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Poster Comments:
A 1v1 I played that I wanted comments on. This one goes on for a very very long time. Almost an hour.

I had a higher score than my opponent the entire game because I had more resources. I knew there was no reason for me not to win this one. I could just sit back and merc him until the cows came home and he wouldn't be able to get me, even though he had four tcs and I had two the entire game.

Some things to take note of:

1. I did try to raid him hard with my camels and it seemed to work until I just couldn't spare the units to do so when I was getting constantly pounded. How was my use of Locust and Shifting Sands?
2. He basically gave his Theia tree away to me, sticking it in my base to try to destroy my tc, but that definitely didn't work and I had free dryads.
3. My Classic time was horrific because I forgot to make vills for ten or so seconds. I thought he was going to kill me with a rush right there, I had to use Rain before even clicking up to Classic, but I was able to make a barracks before he was able to inflict serious damage. I didn't loop any units though as that would have messed up my fh time.
4. I did try to make a push on the other opening, but that didn't work, his heka raped me. In hindsight I really should have put up more towers and midgols and such over there. I could easily have afforded it. And spammed priests.
5. He used up his vortexes to kill my SoO and to destroy my main tc once. But I had enough resources to rebuild it no problem.
6. I forgot blacksmith upgrades, which was a big problem. I might have been able to push if I hadn't.
7. Eventually I started trying to push forward out of my base with tower/merc spam, I could definitely afford it, but it didn't work out. All those towers did do wonders while defending my titan though.
8. I saw him go titan and so I went for a titan too. I probably should have done it a lot sooner, but this is why I'm a noob. I forget everything. He arrogantly deleted his titan like an idiot like he thought he could kill me without it so I was able to make that final push through to grab the tcs in the middle. I'm not that big a fan of watering hole tbh. With the tc placements. >_>
9. He insisted at the end that he would have won had he not deleted the titan, but I said that I could have spammed priests and mercs and towers all day long thanks to my eco while we had a titan war. I don't know how realistic that was though.

So, I feel like I did well. Or at least better than I usually do. What do you think of this game? Can you give me any pointers?
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