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Welcome to RTS-Sanctuary's The Asian Dynasties Portal
RTS-Sanctuary is a community site open to everyone who enjoys playing Real-Time Strategy games including Ensemble Studios' "Age of" series, Relic's "Dawn of War" series and Blizzard's StarCraft series. The focus of this site is on providing an excellent collection of expert and general game replays as well as a friendly place to discuss game strategy. The main elements of the site can be viewed by everyone but you will need to register to be able to download replays or post. Registration is free so come in and join us today.

Posted by Zutazuta - Dec 6 2013, 03:29 PM - 49 comments
I am pleased to announce the "Best of the West" Age of Empires 3 TAD Invitational. This tournament will be a one day event streamed exclusively on the Official Age of Empires twitch.tv channel.. The tournament will begin on Sunday, December 15th at 16:00 GMT. The goal of this event is to provide, you, the community with high level replays and commentary while maintaining a highly competitive environment for the players.

Tournament Rules and Settings:

For the tournament to be a success, we need...
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Posted by Zutazuta - Sep 6 2013, 02:29 AM - 4 comments
I'll be hosting a weekly event for AOE3 starting next week. Check out more details on AgeCommunity

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Posted by Pine - May 28 2013, 12:30 AM - 4 comments
As requested by the community, the AoEIII:TAD anticheat is now here! While we can't go too deep into the technical details, the goal of the anticheat is to detect, block, and automatically ban cheaters. The best place to play AoE III just got even better!

We have blocked all the cheats we had found. We will be adding more scans and detections over the next days, weeks, and months.

Going forward you will need to enable the anticheat or your game will not be rated.

Users with cheats are...
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No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days

[BoRaK]Hawkeye3 vs [IMPOE]emsstewart929
Ottoman vs British on Siberia

No replays posted in last 14 days

No replays posted in last 14 days


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